To win Best SEO Campaign or Best PPC Campaign, judge James Murray of Microsoft UK said: “The standard of entries for these categories is always really high and often the deciding factor here is “what would I be willing to stake my reputation on?”, “what would I be most proud of if I was submitting these entries?”

For me, the winner has to not only exceed the expectations of the client in terms of delivering results, but also has to do something different which we as search experts can all learn from.”

He stated that the one piece of advice he would give to entrants would be to “think like a judge before you apply. Put yourselves in our shoes.” He also stated the importance of transparency when it comes to stating results, as the judges are quite rigorous with their research and fact checking and many have worked in the industry for a considerable amount of time- they know ‘good’ when they see it.

“By recognizing the achievements of the chosen few, we hope to inspire the rest of the industry to improve their work – and by the increasing standard of the entries (which does go up every year) to that extent the awards are delivering on this promise.”

The UK Search Awards entries are open with a closing date of 18 September 2015. The awards will be held at The Ballroom, Southbank, London on Thursday 26 November 2015 where the winners will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony.