Industry Insights Report

The Global Search Industry Insights Report

The Search Awards have commissioned the 'Global Search Industry Insights Report' from Innovell, a partner company founded by one of our judges, Anders Hjorth.

Anders states, "During my many years as a member of conference advisory boards and awards juries, I have watched the Digital Marketing industry improve through the constant search for excellence illustrated by award entries. Innovell will aim to push for excellence by disseminating insights more widely."

Innovell will survey exclusively the top shortlisted agencies from the European, US and UK Search Awards to form a cluster of the world's best Paid Search teams.

The outcome of this survey will be collated to produce the 'Global Search Industry Insights Report', which will be available to purchase in December 2018.


What are the key benefits?

•  This report will help raise the bar in the industry and improve digital marketing intelligence;

•  You will discover important knowledge from the top leading teams and agencies across Europe, US and UK;

•  With the rapid pace of change in the industry, the benchmark report contains an overview of the major trends for 2019, giving you a competitive advantage in the new year;


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